How an AI Writing Assistant Can Help Brands and Retailers

The collective imagination has always unconsciously feared and longed for the emergence of sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI). Whether HAL-9000 or R2-D2, cataclysmic disaster or utopian hope, a simulated mind equal to (or potentially surpassing) our human minds present many possibilities. The power of AI-driven tech hasn’t quite reached the dramatic heights of Asimov’s Science Fiction magazine’s musings. However, there have been a number of impressive advancements in recent years....

Video Commerce: The Benefits of Live Streaming

Remember the 1980s? Big hair, huge synth noises, and gigantic deals on TV’s newly launched home shopping networks. Revolutionary for their time, the networks combined the art of storytelling, salesmanship, and live product demonstrations that many home shoppers found — in the words of one of the era’s iconic crooners — “simply irresistible.” In its first year of sales alone, the QVC TV shopping network reached an estimated 8 million American homes and reaped sales of more than $110 million.

Know The Score With Your Customers: How to Collect and Act on the #1 Brand Loyalty Metric, NPS

Collect customer feedback? That’s a great start! We found 83% of businesses who describe themselves as “successful” measure customer satisfaction. In fact, research published in the Harvard Business Review shows just the act of asking customers for their feedback makes them happier—and can increase their likelihood of shopping with a brand again. But if you’re like many companies who listen to customers, it’s probably not enough.