Know The Score With Your Customers: How to Collect and Act on the #1 Brand Loyalty Metric, NPS

Collect customer feedback? That’s a great start! We found 83% of businesses who describe themselves as “successful” measure customer satisfaction. In fact, research published in the Harvard Business Review shows just the act of asking customers for their feedback makes them happier—and can increase their likelihood of shopping with a brand again. But if you’re like many companies who listen to customers, it’s probably not enough.

How Inconsistent Product Experiences Hurt Your Brand

The path to purchase for shoppers has evolved to include more than a single visit to a brick-and-mortar retailer. Customers increasingly browse multiple retail sites to compare prices, read customer ratings and reviews, and examine your product pages. What shoppers find on these pages is your digital brand identity — and whether your company was founded within the last year or the last century, your brand identity is everything.