The First (Civilian) to Know Every Boston Police Call: @Stacos

Driving to work on a Saturday morning last August, Stan Staco — the quick-tweeting publisher behind the @Stacos Twitter account — hears a heart-breaking call come over his police scanner: a 26-year-old woman is reportedly shot in the head during Dorchester’s annual J’ouvert Carnival. Shocked, Staco hastily pulls over at a nearby parking garage, opens the Twitter app on his dashboard-mounted iPhone, and starts his process.
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Massive Rent Hikes Prompt Crisis in Local Trailer Park

Tenants of Costa Mesa’s Anchor Trailer Park are upset about sharp rent increases they fear will force a number of residents from their homes. The small park of about 30 residences off of Newport Boulevard in downtown Costa Mesa was once a great place to live, resident Jeanne McMahon said. She works nearby, and her grandkids are close enough for the frequent visits she cherishes. But now, with a 20% increase in her rent, she can’t decide whether to cut her losses and leave, or endure the increased hit on her limited income.
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City Steps in to Look at Trailer Park Rent

Costa Mesa Mayor Eric Bever is concerned enough about rent hikes as high as 35% at the Anchor Trailer Park in downtown Costa Mesa that he has directed city staff to look into whether the park’s owners are engaging in an illegal attempt to rezone the parcel. Average monthly rent, which went from $660 to $850 last year, is scheduled to balloon to as much as $1,025 this year — significantly more than any other comparable mobile home spaces in the city, which average about $700 a month.