‘Home Alone’ Is Actually A Pro-Antifa Masterpiece

Folks, it’s that special holiday time when loved ones gather around to watch the movie classics. One of those films, Home Alone, is a personal holiday favorite. Many take the story’s lesson at face value — a heart-warming reminder to value family during the holidays — but it’s always been clear there’s a LOT more going on here. For example: What if Home Alone isn’t about the importance of family at all, but about the (then) looming post-capitalist crisis, and a prescient exploration of the intergenerational tensions that now inform the present American class struggle?

The Five Stages of Grief When You Lose Your Twitter Verification for Being Racist

I’m talking, of course, about becoming un-verified on Twitter. A number of far-right activists, including Richard Spencer, John Kessler, and Laura Loomer, lost their blue checkmark verification badges following a revamping of Twitter policy announced Wednesday. Loomer — in the news most recently for receiving a lifetime ban from Uber and Lyft after an anti-Muslim tweetstorm last month — took this opportunity to again showcase her flair for explosive online meltdowns over a private company denyi

The Chicago Tribune’s Editorial About Same-Sex Marriage And Swastika Cakes Is Right — Here’s Why

The Chicago Tribune might not know a lot about baking, but it does have a flair for cooking up some enticingly false dichotomies for its readers. The paper’s editorial board caught some heat this week after running a piece defending a Colorado baker who refused to create a wedding cake for a same-sex wedding, citing his religious objections to the institution. The paper called for the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn a lower court’s decision that found the baker’s decision discriminatory under Co

This Guy Right Here is About to Investigate Clinton and Uranium or Some Shit

Hey, do you guys mind if I talk about something kinda serious for a sec? Have you been sweating this Russian/uranium bribery bullshit that The Hill’s been on at all? Yeah, pretty fucked if true: looks like the FBI may have uncovered some major-league shit during the Obama administration that they didn’t even tell Congress about, and Hillary Clinton may have gotten Russian money for selling uranium… or something? I don’t know. Problem is, story’s complicated...