Boston People - Stan Staco the Watchdog

The victim, Dawnn Jaffier, later died from her injuries. Staco can still vividly describe what he heard, down to the frantic breaths of the officers lying on the ground next to her. “It was so early in the day,” the police-scanner enthusiast remembers. “It was one of those things you’re always going to remember — the tremble in the officer’s voice, the screaming for help. It’s a quiet, normal day and all of a sudden you hear somebody lying there, taking their last breaths. You feel like you’re

How “Soy Boy” Became The Alt-Right’s Favorite New Insult

If you’re a left-leaning, liberal or even vaguely non-Nazi male-identifying person with opinions online, you’ve probably been called all sorts of too-nerdy-to-actually-be-offensive names: “cuck,” “beta,” “white knight,” “pajama boy.” The alt-right — that loosely organized collective of white nationalists and trolls — certainly has a knack for branding. But as a new year of online white supremacist action draws closer, a trendy new insult seems increasingly common: “soy boy.”